TESTIMONIALS - Morin Insurance Agency

You gave me competitive quotes in a timely manner and made switching from my old insurance company a snap. Also love your online signatures for new policy paperwork.

Customer since 2015

Great agency! I never have to worry you’re always on top of things and keep me informed.

Matthew A., customer since 2014

I like the conveinence of your location and hours. Also, everyone at the agency seems helpful and knowledgeable and capable of answering questions when I have any.

Customer since 2014

This is one of the best insurance companies I have worked with.

Susan L., customer since 2014

thanks for all your assistance.

Michael P., customer since 2013

Whenever I have a question, or need to make changes, my needs are met without delay. Great insurance company to do business with. Also, your company is always on the lookout for more improved service for me.

Valerie T., customer since 2014

Very good customer service as well as competitive pricing. You look for the best available pricing there is. Warren

Warren Y., customer since 2014

Quick, simple process with no gray area. Very satisfied with the premiums and the lines of communication !!

Mark M., customer since 2014

Everytime I call your office, regardless of who answers the phone I get immediate service with a great attitude. In all the years that I have done business with the Morin Agency I cannot think of one single time when I was disappointed with the service.

William C., customer since 2012

I’ve been very happy with the Morin Insurance Agency. I feel I get personal service from their staff, that they look out for my best interests. Have recommended your agency to others!

Customer since 2013

Very helpful staff able to answer any questions that I had. Also was very quick at getting back to us with any quotes we needed to make an informed decision.

Customer since 2014

Your office ALWAYS answers my emails very promptly also it is nice to actually speak to a live person when I call the office, even if I have to leave a message for someone they ALWAYS call me back very promptly too! Plus your rates are fantastic!

Veronica F., customer since 2013

Great customer service

Travis W., customer since 2013

Everyone that I have ever dealt with if I had any questions or concers has always been so pleasant and helpful.

Linda L., customer since 2013

Getting me the best $$$ value —but I hope you evaluate each year to make sure coverage is sufficient—I like being able to sit down with Stacy to review

Thomas J., customer since 2013

You have helped me get an affordable rate with no hassles. You always contact me when my insurance is up for renewal with even better rates if possible. You are always prompt and professional and I actually know others with the same experiences. You have provided me the same coverage with a difference in rates from 260 to 135 a month!!!!

Tiffany N., customer since 2013

Every agent at Morin Insurance which I’ve spoke has taken great care to understand my needs, and provided me the options with explanations to allow me to make informed decisions.

Customer since 2014

You hired Hannah on board she is great and on top of everything. I experienced some issues and she corrected them

Timothy J., customer since 2014

Wonderful people to work with! When I call they know me by name and are always quick to help and answer questions. Have referred many people and they have all been happy- and have saved by switching!!

Taylor T., customer since 2013

Personal care tailored to my specific needs. Ability to speak to someone local and the advice that I got made me feel special. Thank you.

Shripad K., customer since 2013

Fast, courteous service, and problem solver. Great to work with. Recently requested documentation for proof insurance for vacation traveler and received documentation in one business day.

Rosemary W., customer since 2013

Based on past experience, I know I can pick up the phone and call someone (or E-mail) and know I can get what I need quickly and efficiently. Everyone I have dealt with in the past have been great to work with.

Customer since 2013

You took the time to explain everything to me I was very happy with that. Thank you

Shirley B., customer since 2013

Help is always just a phone. call away. I’ve never been disappointed with your service and your staff !

Customer since 2013

Our questions are always answered. Your rates are OK.

Customer since 2013

Great Customer Service. We love the personalized service that we have always gotten. It far beats the automated response of most companies. We always get an answer back on the day we contact them. I highly recommend the Morin Insurance Agency.

Customer since 2014

Any issues are taken care of right away and we are kept updated on. Bonnie in the office is great . An asset to Morin Ins.

Robert P., customer since 2014

Your agents react quickly to any issues that I may have

Customer since 2014

personal attention, responding quickly and with accurate information to questions about coverages, etc. office personnel are pleasant, well-informed and able to deal with specific needs and details.

Customer since 2014

saved me $$ with my car insurance through home owners plan.. Also ALWAYS so prompt in returning calls and answering questions. Very good folks!

Customer since 2013

It all started a few years ago when Stacie kept calling me , looking if she could help me with my insurance on my house and cars. I have had the same company for the past 30 years so I was a little shy about changing until Stacie promise me I would get the same service as I had in the past. Well she was right, Morin Ins co. has treated me like they really care about you and your family, good old fashion Mom and Pop company that cares for their patrons. Thanks for treating me like a friend and not a number. Thank you Stacie

Robert T., customer since 2014

You took a lot of valuable time to listen to my insurance issues and helped me a great deal. I’ll always be a client of yours and I tell anyone who needs any insurance to talk to you. I simply tell them they can’t do any better in any way.

Mark H., customer since 2013

We have always been very pleased with your service. Responsive and always trying to find us good coverage at a good price! Thank you!

Deborah W., customer since 2013

Always prompt service Great rates Offers a multiple of companies with a variety of services I have referred people in the past and they are always satisfied and thankful for the services of Morin Insurance Feedback provided by Zannah Richards (not Robert) as you sent to my email.

Susannah R., customer since 2013

Whenever I have a question, I always get the best service and the nicest people. You go out of your way to make sure my policy is updated and find any savings for me. I have been extremely happy with your agency.

Customer since 2011

The staff is always very helpful and courteous. Whenever I need something they get it done and quickly.

Robert S., customer since 2014

Good aervice and a great rate.

Robby R., customer since 2014

the Morin agency staff helped find the lowest ins. rate possible

Customer since 2014

Morin really looks out for their customers, if an insurance company raises their rates they’ll find you another company offering the same or better coverage at about the same rate you were paying. There also very helpful and responsive when needed.

Customer since 2013

When I had my claim your office made sure I was back on the road asap .

Robert B., customer since 2013

customer service is great and when I asked for a lower insurance your team found one .

Customer since 2015

Very personable, they are always on top of it, I will never switch. Great customer service,

Customer since 2013

Courtesy combined with product knowledge makes Morin Insurancell my choice.

Richard B., customer since 2013

top notch……..stood up when chips were down……..i like that……help out when needed in a bad way……..i have not had that happen many times in my life……..helped out EVERYONE i have sent to you over the past several years tooooo

Richard T., customer since 2013

The Morin Agency, and particularly, Bonnie, is always quick to answer any questions and provide any help when asked.

Pim G., customer since 2013

Every time I have called about an issue, Tiffany(my agent), she has been right on top of it or each time I request something she sends it to me the same day I ask for it.

Customer since 2014

Actually we recommended you to someone. We gave you this person’s name and contact info, but you never contacted them.

Customer since 2013

you are always helpful and give us the answers when we call.

Raymond M., customer since 2013

Everybody was more than willing to help any time I needed information or to do anything with my policy. The best was when you needed to change it because you find something less than what I was paying and you called my father (also a client of yours) to get my number!

Customer since 2013

Always getting us the best lowest price possible .

Customer since 2013

I really appreciate the quick and personal response I get every time I contact the office.

Customer since 2013

Your company is wonderful to work with. The people there really care. Thanks for all your help with my insurance needs.

Janet W., customer since 2014

Hi Ron, Your customer service is fantastic. You folks contact me when a bill is do, even though I recognize that is my responsibility. More over, I feel very confident you provide me the best pricing where I do not need to “shop it out”. Secondly, everyone is supportive and very helpful and I always receive quick responses when I call in regarding all my business. No BS here, just the honest truth. Thanks for being my agent, Regards, Phil Halle – Summit Builders, Conway, NH.

Philip H., customer since 2015

Agents are always looking out for us. Whenever rates went up, they were wonderful about checking out other options and taking care of all details needed to change over. We would refer you to any of our friends and family.

Martin C., customer since 2013

Your team is awesome, and I have recommended you to others. When ever I have a question your people are very knowledgeable and are quick in returning my call when I have left a message.

Customer since 2013

Your very efficient at providing coverage for the best price and processing a claim.

Customer since 2014


Patricia F., customer since 2013

Your always available when I have questions with no question being to small for you to answer.

Patricia D., customer since 2013

every thing answered all my questions very freindly

Paul C., customer since 2015

Ron and his staff have been very helpful to me managing my properties in New Hampshire. They were able to negotiate with several companies to find me the best coverage at the best price. Whenever there’s a service issue they take care of it promptly and properly. As a out of state property owner having people you can trust is paramount.

Guido S., customer since 2014

Still the best price around!!

Nanci C., customer since 2014

Very polite,professional,service. Thank you

Norman D., customer since 2014

Always there when I have a question or need help! Thank you!

Monica R., customer since 2013

The Morin Insurance staff always go above and beyond to assist with any questions and/or concerns I may have regarding our auto and homeowner insurance.

Marcia D., customer since 2014

Very impressed with the efficiency and knowledge of the staff at Morin Insurance. I am happy to recommend your services to friends.

Richard B., customer since 2013

You have saved us money on our insurance for car and home which is a huge plus for retired people. We also love the convenience of being so close to us if we need to have questions answered or update our insurance coverage!

Michael B., customer since 2013

Always there to help…. on any thing that we need or any question that we may have, getting us the best deals possible. Everyone that we have spoken with helped us any way they could. Thanx Greg & Cindy 🙂

Greg E., customer since 2013

Our coverage need was not easily placed. Morin Agency stayed at it and got us covered at a great price!

Mike H., customer since 2014

You have Tiffany on your team!

Customer since 2014

Excellent & timely communication.

Michael T., customer since 2013

Your rates were very competitive and your agency was able to save me approximately $800.00 per year

Customer since 2014

Great rates

Customer since 2014

I like tat once I had a an issue and it was handled perfectly. I do thank you very much for it. My concern is that there may be limited coverage on brand new vehicles. I have a new vehicle and I do not want to know that I might be responsible for the GAP payment.

Max G., customer since 2013

I’ll never have trouble praising Morin Insurance to anyone, mostly because of their service and feedback on questions.

Maurice F., customer since 2013

You saved us a bunch of money, something we had been basically tossing out the window through other insurance company!!!!

Customer since 2014

You and your staff are friendly, helpful and great communicators. You found us a rate that works for us.

Melody G., customer since 2014

I was involved in a small fender bender and I was pleased with they way the insurance company handled my claim in an expeditious and efficient manner. That is what I want and expect of any insurance company. WAY TO GO PATRIOT INSURANCE!!

Customer since 2014

When price rose on my last policy, you gave me the option to change to Mt.Washington Assurance that brought the price back down. The ladies that work at your agency gave prompt answers to my questions, and found the information I needed about the policy in regards to the dog breed to choose that would not give me any extra insurance charges. Good choices of smart & trustworthy, gentle companions. I have a Border Collie and Pomeranian now. The Border Collie just passed his AKC certification from 12 weeks of training to be a Canine Good Citizen, and a Therapy Dog for nursing homes. They also answered questions about my deck, and I now have those 10″ lag bolts securing it to the house for extra peace of mind. Thanks for not raising the prices too much once again, and making home insurance affordable.

Customer since 2013

Came to my rescue when I needed house as well as auto insurance for me as well as my son when he moved to the area. Great service and friendly going out of thier way staying late on a Fri. Night. Great personal service all around.

Customer since 2014

Bonnie has been a great help in the past. She has gone above and beyond at times to correct some confusion in the past. Bonnie has been only a call away and has worked out the best Insurance to meet our needs and budget. on, She is a great asset to your company. Special Thanks to you Bonnie. Matt Gregg

Customer since 2013

Ron, Your Agency found me a better company to insure my home & car better than I could on my own & at a lower premium cost. As for my recommending your agency I certainly would highly mention your name yet in all likely hood I doubt take anyone I know is gonna ask for my opinion. I do thank you & you excellent staff.

Claude V., customer since 2013

u respond back to me right away that is importment to me

Mary A., customer since 2013

Thanks for shopping for reduced rates with different carriers, without my having to ask!

Customer since 2013

Your agency is fantastic. Everyone employed there has a heart and cares about their customers.

Customer since 2014

Your staff have gone the extra mile and I appreciate it! Thanks

Kevin S., customer since 2013

fast response to claims

Customer since 2013

Accessible, inderstand our changing insurance needs.

Customer since 2013

In the past we have noticed that you always check around and compare rates with other companies and break down to see what would work best for us. T.hat’s important knowing that someone is always looking out for our behalf.

Marcel D., customer since 2013

The Morin agency saved me hundreds of dollars in my first year, not just two or three, I believe it was $900 🙂 this was for two vehicles and a renters policy. in the second year after adding a third vehicle we revisited my policy and they were able to save me 450 dollars in my second year. I was exceedingly grateful for the thought and caring they took to look into my policy and see what could be done to continue to keep it affordable with a third vehicle. And this was not at the compromise of coverage, in fact all of my coverage remained the same or was slightly better than what I was paying top dollar for two years earlier. I am super happy and I have actually shared with at least a dozen people screenshot of your phone number to call and spread the news 🙂

Lori S., customer since 2014

I feel that Morin Agency has my best interests at heart, & I can’t say that about many places. If I had a question or problem with either of my insurance policies, I would certainly call Morin first.

Linda S., customer since 2013

Your agency has always been helpful in finding the right insurance to fit my needs, be it coverage and cost, as well as for a business insurance quote for my friend. I value your attention to details and the ease of working with your agency.

Customer since 2013

The online processing is great. And pricing and staff very good!

Customer since 2014

Morin Insurance has always been pleasant, helpful and very timely with all of our business matters. I would highly recommend others to use this agency for all their insurance needs.

Customer since 2013

Time was taken to search out and find a better value in my insurance needs. Thank you for that!

Harold P., customer since 2013

i missed a payment and you arranged for the lapsed policy to be rewritten

Customer since 2011

It was so easy to settle a claim this past winter. Staff was very helpful.

Customer since 2013

We have recommended your office to people in the past and will continue to do so. We are very happy with the service we receive and I feel we have a good policy for the money we pay.

Fred M., customer since 2013

Besides saving me money, your staff is always very prompt and courteous when responding to questions or concerns.

Joseph R., customer since 2014

Working with the insurance company can be a headache. Having you in the middle is fantastic and you’re all so knowledgeable !!

Jacqueline F., customer since 2013

you saved us money without asking you to do this which tells us that you look out for your clients and that you want our return business

Customer since 2013

Helpful info on phone. Always answering my questions about insurance.

Kevin G., customer since 2014

Any time I’ve called Morin Agency, whether it’s a simple question or changes to my policy, the reason for my call is immediately addressed and handled before I hang up the phone. Excellent customer service!

Dana C., customer since 2013

You go out of your way to make us customers happy.

Charles P., customer since 2013

Attention to detail and response time was very good when I initially contacted Morin.

Rae T., customer since 2014

Excellent response to my needs

Customer since 2013

Cheap, easy to deal with, helpful staff.

Karen W., customer since 2013

For me, the customer service has been great with anything I’ve ever needed assistance with. Most recently, I bought a new car and wanted to know what the premium change would be and other questions regarding the old car I was taking off the road. My questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. Another important feature for me is knowing you are local. Last, but not least, I have checked into another insurance company (twice, over the years) to compare rates, a company some people swear by; your rates are better.

Bernard Z., customer since 2014

You found us the least expensive insurance of any agency we have had. Your customer service is also a 10. I have owned three businesses in my life so I know how important referrals are in growing a business. We were referred to you by friends of ours, and have referred you to at least three other friends of ours. Affordable insurance isn’t the only factor we stay with Morin. We enjoy spending our hard earned money with people who are always looking out for us and checking up to be sure we are getting the best insurance at the best price. With other agency’s, we either had to ask if there was a cheaper policy available or we would have to shop around on our own. I will do that if I have to but with Morin, I don’t. You do it for me, which saves me time, and I appreciate that. I almost never send reviews to companies because I am usually not that impressed. We really appreciate the great job you do and the friendly atmosphere you do it in. Thank you. -K Rose

Kelvin R., customer since 2014

You guys have been awesome. I have recommended you to many of my friends. Keep up the good work!

Customer since 2013

I particularly appreciate your email updates with interesting and informative information.

Customer since 2013

When our specialized insurance company ceased doing business in our state, you found another carrier for our 18th century home.

Customer since 2013

You always answer my questions in a timely manner and I will highly recommend your agency to people I know

Judith G., customer since 2013

check for best prices check for needed coverage fast response time

Customer since 2013

Your company has helped when I needed it. Insurance companies go up every year. I am retired and have two vehicles. It is getting so I can’t afford insurance any more. I don’t do any thing wrong (yet any way ????) and I still have to pay top dollar on insurance. I don’t understand insurances at all. But you have helped me a lot with that. Thank you

Customer since 2013

I think you and your staff has been the most helpful insurance agents I have ever had.

John G., customer since 2013

Timeliness in getting back to us when we have questions and insuring our added vehicle so quickly.

Customer since 2013

Very professional staff, Courteous- customer service driven

Customer since 2013

Finding the best rates available

Customer since 2013

I found the staff at your agency very professional and very proficient. I appreciated their help and efficiency. Service has been fine – and is, after all, the heart of any business. J. Paul Shearer

John S., customer since 2014

So far I have been very happy with Morin insurance I hope it continues.

Alan G., customer since 2015

When I found a cheaper rate a few years ago through a different company and was going to switch, you guys called us to research a better rate and keep us as a client. I really didn’t want to switch companies, I just wanted a lower rate. I appreciated you doing so, we’re able to stay with Morin and we’re happy about supporting an Alton business.

John T., customer since 2013

The Morin Team is very thorough and quick to respond. My son got a quote from another agent for the exact same coverage at the same company and the Morin team came in 40% lower. What I like best is they suggest the best coverage and NOT because it may cost more, but because it is in your best interest. I strongly suggest you give them your business.

Customer since 2013

You gave me an awesome coverage at less than half off at what I was paying for less coverage. Any time I’ve called I get great customer service or directed to who I need to contact. Oh and I signed up in less than 20 minutes sitting in a parking lot at my grocery store. You guys are awesome!!!

Jane M., customer since 2014

The Morin Insurance staff is always very friendly and extremely helpful. I know I can count on a quick response when I have questions or need assistance.

Customer since 2014

Always find me the best coverage for the least expensive monthly payment. Airways kind, courteous and friendly.

Jennifer K., customer since 2013

Have always had excellent experience with all dealing with your Agency. Very helpful staff and very professional. Keep up the good work..

Colleen M., customer since 2013

Premiums very reasonable. I recommend you to family and friends, They were pleased also. Thank you

Joan H., customer since 2013

Best rate. Always available to assist.

Customer since 2014

We first chose to do business with Morin because you are local. We were delighted to find the rates were very competitive. We switched all our insurance needs to Morin (2 homes, cars and motorcycle) at a significant saving than what we had been previously paying. We also appreciate the fact that someone always responses to voicemail or email promptly. The staff is friendly and great customer service!

Customer since 2014

I can only say that your agency locates the most affordable insurance vendor that there is.

Angelika C., customer since 2013

Excellent customer service, and knowledgeable team.

Jennifer C., customer since 2013

I have referred several people to you as the service is exceptional and the rates are the best around. Everyone has been very happy with your team.

Jennifer E., customer since 2013

Very customer service oriented. Terrific with follow up and very easy to contact.

Brian T., customer since 2014

Always available and always found the best price for my coverage.

Customer since 2013

Everyone at Morin Insurance is very friendly and always answered any question we have. They are always there to give you the best rate on any type of insurance and work hard to keep their clients happy.

Jeffrey D., customer since 2014

Absolutely fantastic customer service! All questions and concerns have always been addressed quickly and effeciently. Follow-up has always occured before the promised time. Morin Agency is The Best!

Customer since 2013

The people I have referred to you have been more than happy with the rates you found for them. I have personally had some difficult insurance problems and you have handled them politely and professionally.

Customer since 2013

The BEST thing you do is SAVE US MONEY $$$$$$ The friendly staff is GREAT to work with also!

Charles B., customer since 2013

Hi, Sorry this is delayed a little it went to my junk mail at work. Tiffany was very attentive and followed up with the insurance agency with me when I was having no luck contacting them. She was helpful every time I spoke with her and eager to help any and every time I called. I encountered many problems along the way and she was always sympathetic and willing to do what ever she could for me to move the process along. Even before my claim I always recommended Morin Insurance because of the great rates and coverage. Every year your team reviews my options with me instead of just renewing my policies I have in place. I have always had a great friendly experience with Morin Ins. and will continue to recommend you to anyone I know looking for Insurance. My claim is over finally and no offense but I hope I do not have to chat with anyone there any time soon. Thanks to everyone, Heidi

Customer since 2014

I have had dealings with two or three of your sales associates and also with you when I first came to you for my insurance coverage. In every encounter whether by phone, email, or in-person I have felt very well treated and respected. I have, and will continue to recommend your agency for insurance coverage.

James F., customer since 2014

Everyone I have dealt with in your office has been friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I like the personal touch of your employees.

Customer since 2014

No complaints. U all do a great job.

Customer since 2014

Ron does a terrific job price wise as well as service wise –I recommend his agency very often

James B., customer since 2013

You have always answered any questions I have in a professional and prompt manner.

Customer since 2014

Helpful ,courteous friendly staff. Though we don’t know any of you personally , through phone calls and emails, we feel that we do.

Customer since 2013

Good personal service; always able to talk to a person; able to address problems thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Customer since 2011

Fast, Friendly Staff was able to easily answer my questions so I was able to make a quick decision about my policy. It was a pleasure doing business with you as always.

Customer since 2014

The fact that your company re-evaluates my needs each year, and then searches for the best carrier to provide the optimal coverage to meet them, is refreshing. During my prior experience with “snoopy” for many years, it became evident that profit was placed ahead of service. I am fortunate to have found you, your staff, and your professional service.

Customer since 2013

We love the quality customer service that Morin Insurance provides. Whenever we call staff members take the time to help and ensure they have answered all of our questions.

Customer since 2013

I have always been exxtremly happy with the service and pricing I received from Morin Insurance. If you could have offered me an auto policy in Florida, I would still be with Morin.

D R., customer since 2012

Your agents are always extremely helpful and go the extra mile to get updates/changes and questions resolved so timely!

Customer since 2013

Your team members like Tiffany and Stacey are fabulous to deal with!!!! They are very quick to answer any questions that you may have.

Ernest R., customer since 2013

Super Courteous and knowledgeable Staff. No inquiry goes unanswered. Fantastic Customer Service with Personable Representatives. A real Pleasure to deal with.

Francis U., customer since 2011

I have been with Morin insurance for I think a year now, my mother in-law also has Morin. Everytime I called and spoke to one of you, I would hang up happy and content that I was truly taken care of, all my questions were very well answered. As long as I own a car I would most likely continue using Morin Insurance as my insurance carrier. Thank You!

Edward L., customer since 2014

Your customer services is outstanding. You and Stacey were right there for me always looking for the best insurance for me. Thank you!

Customer since 2014

You have always helped me when I have forgotten to make a payment. Your notification of that and your help in getting it done are appreciated.

Customer since 2013

You keep track of insudance Companys with lower cost for me. THANKS!

Customer since 2013

Your team is always responsive to my needs, thanks for all your hard work. Ed

Edward D., customer since 2014

I think it was important to mention that my agent contacted me to let me know she had found me the same coverage for less money. I would not have known that had she not called me.

Customer since 2014

Ron, First of all you came to my house for my business. My previous insurance agent/company wouldn’t even return my calls. You folks have always answered my questions on the first call. You and your staff have always been friendly, knowledgeable and seem to be looking out for my best interest regarding cost and sufficient coverage for my home and automobiles.

Edmund M., customer since 2013

I think you do a fine job of finding insurance for me. I really don’t have the time or inclination to do insurance shopping on my own and am confident you’re treating me fairly.

Customer since 2013

Kindness and a great price 🙂

Earl D., customer since 2014

Morin Insurance Agency goes out of their way to obtain the best price for their customers. They save me the effort of comparison shopping yearly for a cheaper/ or better policy. I recently referred a friend who just called Morin due to my referral (she called several referrals from friends and relatives) and Morin remains one of the best deals for car and home insurance from the quotes she received.

Donna K., customer since 2013

I feel that we (Morin Insurance) and myself have had a very good relationship over the years and that is why I have stayed as your customer. Thanks again, Ed

Edward B., customer since 2014

You’ve honestly analyzed my auto and homeowner needs and found the most cost efficient program for me. You continue to do so without trying to sell me on something that would not suit my needs.

Customer since 2014

I love that every time I call I get my questions answered quickly. I like that I always feel like I am important.

Deborah S., customer since 2013

You do a great job of taking care of my insurance needs.

Donald S., customer since 2014

Morin made certain that we had the best possible, most suitable, most cost-effective deal. We are really impressed and grateful! Every question we have had was answered thoroughly and immediately.

Customer since 2014

Very helpful and thorough with the communication and follow up on the issue ( accident) the happened at my home this winter.

Customer since 2013

You are always on the lookout for cheaper insurance alternatives.

Andrew R., customer since 2011

From the fist phone call I was always provided with a great service, very nice people, good explanation to all my questions and help with any issue that may come up. I’m very happy with your group and already recommended it to few people.

Customer since 2011

When talking on the phone, one feels as though one is talking with an old time friend. I’ve never requested a claim, so I cannot give you a service recommendation. You’re doing just fine.

Claire P., customer since 2013

I appreciate service you provide for me and my family. No gimmicks. You connect me with the right insurance provider for right coverage, for a fair price. Thanks !

Customer since 2014

Your people are very professional and extremely helpful in answering any questions I may have. It is so nice to work with people who are not “robots”

Customer since 2013

search out good rates, make sure we have the coverage we need

Customer since 2014

Hello; When I call, if necessary, I get a knowledgeable human and my questions are answered promptly. Thank you.

David T., customer since 2013

I have been a customer of Morin insurance for more than 5 years, Morin insurance has been a great business to deal with; kowladgble, nice and helpful staff.

Amen M., customer since 2013

Your staff are exceptionally communicative and helpful whenever we call in with questions or claims. That and the great rates you continue to get us, make your company one we value.

Customer since 2013

Everyone at Morin is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly and go above and beyond to help

Andrea D., customer since 2014

agent was very helpful ,every time I called . got information back to me.

Customer since 2013

Every few years you review my plan and check to see if there is another plan that may have improved coverage at a lower cost. I appreciate this level of service and that is why I will remain a loyal customer.

Brian G., customer since 2013

Every time I walk through the doors of Morin insurance agency I am always greeted with all smiles! They go above and beyond to provide the most value to their customers.

Bryce K., customer since 2014

Getting back to the customer quickly is key to me. It shows that my business is important to you. Morin Ins does this very well!

Amy C., customer since 2015

I think it was great you and your team cared and looked for a cheaper policy for me and my family . and when speaking on the phone everyone there is very friendly and so helpful.

Deborah W., customer since 2014

When I call , anyone I talk to is polite and helpful and has been able to answer any questions I have. Also over the years you have always looked for the best policy for me and made suggestions, saving me time and money.

Customer since 2014

Timely feedback, market research and friendly service!

Customer since 2012

unlike most insurance companies you went above and beyond to find us the best rate. You also took very good care of a family member when we recommended her to you. When we contacted you for insurance you were very helpful in explaining what the best options were. Having not had car insurance in a very long time you took the worry out of knowing what to do. thank youl

Customer since 2014

Person very friendly and professional. Took my information and 2 minutes I had insurance. Fast and easy. Thanks for the service.

Albert S., customer since 2014

Easy to work with

Customer since 2013

Customer Service & like the dog!

Customer since 2013

Morin did EVERYTHING right. Service/response was lightning fast, complete, and exceptionally polite. Personally, there’s nothing you or your team could have done better. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseeable financial emergencies, I ended up letting my coverage lapse, and — much to my chagrin and discredit — didn’t manage to formally advise your offices of those circumstances.. My apology for that. For the record, I would recommend Morin Insurance Agency to anybody, without reservation. Sincerely, Brian P. Stuart

Customer since 2014

I’ve always had a great experience with the customer service received by Morin Insurance. Whether sending an email or calling directly, someone is prompt to reply and always very happy and helpful.

Amy S., customer since 2013

The people who are the Morin Agency are always willing to listen to my situation, even if I do get either excitable or long-winded, or both! Your patience and your knowledge are much appreciated.

Bruce K., customer since 2014


Customer since 2013

prompt and courteous service.

David B., customer since 2013

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